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Ballard Launches Next Generation Fuel Cell System

Ballard Power Systems has announced that the company has developed a next generation high performance fuel cell propulsion system to power unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. Ballard has also received a follow-on contract from Insitu, a Boeing subsidiary, for extended durability testing of the next-generation 1.3 kilowatt (kW) fuel cell propulsion system to power test flights of its ScanEagle UAV platform. Continue reading

Neva Aerospace Announces UAV Charging Networks

Neva Aerospace has announced its SpaceBridge concept – SpaceBridge networks for “Charging and re-provisioning station for electric and hybrid unmanned aerial vehicles” (patent protected), would provide the power platform for wide area operations of aerial electric vehicles, manned (flying cars) or unmanned (drones). Continue reading

WiBotic PowerPad – Wireless Drone Charging Pad

WiBotic, a provider of wireless power and battery intelligence solutions for the robotics industry, has announced WiBotic PowerPad, a completely integrated wireless charging pad for drones. Designed for the many drone operators who don’t want to develop their own wireless charging pad, WiBotic PowerPad contains the WiBotic transmitter circuit, transmitter antenna and power supply in one ready-to-go unit. Continue reading