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Altavian and Northern Plains UAS Test NASA UTM

Altavian, Inc., a manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems and components, announced that it is working with Northern Plains UAS Test Site (NPUASTS) to help test NASA’s Unmanned aircraft systems Traffic Management (UTM) system. Altavian and NPUASTS will work to develop technology related to UTM while a third partner, iSight RPV Services will provide flight test services for the project on the Nova F7200 small unmanned aerial system (sUAS). Continue reading

First Flight Demonstration for Airbus Skyways Parcel Delivery Drone

Leo Jeoh (design office head at Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia) and team around Skyways

Airbus Helicopters’ Skyways unmanned air vehicle has successfully completed its first flight demonstration at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The drone took off from its dedicated maintenance centre and landed on the roof of a specially designed parcel station where a parcel was automatically loaded via a robotic arm. Continue reading

EHANG 184 – First Test Footage Released

EHANG has unveiled footage of the latest test flights of their self-flying passenger aircraft or Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV). The EHANG 184 series is the world’s first passenger drone capable of carrying a single person at up to 130 km/h and in force 7 typhoon conditions. These manned test flights are just the latest in a series of tests to ensure that the EHANG 184 AAV will be safe and ready for public use in the near future. Continue reading

US Coast Guard Evaluates ScanEagle Ocean Surface Anomaly Detector Payload

The US Coast Guard (USCG) is assessing and evaluating a payload on its fleet of Insitu ScanEagle tactical unmanned aerial systems (UASs) that takes photos of the ocean surface, checks for anomalies, and alerts the aircraft’s operator for further investigation, according to a key official. Continue reading

Polish Developer in Canadian U-Space Tests

APS, the developer of the Ctrl+Sky system has been invited to participate in tests under Emergency Operations Airspace Management System (EOAMS), a project of the Government of Canada. It aims at the development of a system for supporting the safety of Unmanned Aerial System flight in Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations. Continue reading