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Seeker 400 Completes Second Round of Flight Tests

Seeker 400The Denel Dynamics Seeker 400 unmanned aerial vehicle has successfully completed a second round of flights tests at Alkantpan in the Northern Cape as part of its development process, Denel has announced. The tests included an evaluation of the system for range and performance with full payload on board.

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UK Launches Inquiry into Civil Use of Drones

houseoflordsThe UK’s House of Lords is holding an enquiry into the civil use of drones, to determine whether the conditions are right “for the industry to take off”. In a call for submissions, aimed at gathering expert written and oral evidence as a precursor to its final report in March 2015, the Lords’ EU subcommittee on the internal market, infrastructure and employment said that the increased use of drones throws up “a multitude of questions”.

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ING Robotic Aviation and ASG Mapping use Robotic Aircraft for Advanced Agricultural Data Gathering

ResponderING Robotic Aviation is partnering with ASG Mapping to rigorously assess and develop the application of small robotic aircraft systems for gathering high quality, positionally accurate, and interoperable geospatial data.

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