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Neva Releases OEM Electric Turbo-Fans Optimised for VTOL and STOL Commercial UAS

Neva Athena ETF

The pan-European Neva Aerospace consortium, which is developing heavy-duty drones, industrial and commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and vehicles (UAV) based on its patented distributed thrust concept, has released the first OEM electric turbofan (ETF) to the aerospace market. These ETFs are claimed to be between two and four times as efficient as existing, standard electric ducted fans (EDFs). Continue reading

Mufflers Made in Germany for UAV Engines


With the advancing development of UAVs, muffler systems are moving increasingly into the focus of engine development. It doesn’t matter here whether they are being used to increase performance or purely for sound-volume minimization. 3W-International GmbH recognized this development early on and began developing a series of in-house mufflers. Continue reading