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Russian UAV to See Through Camouflage

russiandrone-326x159Russia is creating a new payload module for its drones to help effectiveness of aerial surveillance and monitoring. “The technology we created can process hyperspectral data streams, leading to the creation of an “all-seeing eye” that allows our drones to look beyond the usual boundaries of the human eye’s electromagnetic spectrum,” said Sergey Skokov, Deputy CEO of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC).

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Royal Australian Navy Trials Australian-Designed ViDAR


Sentient has announced that the Royal Australian Navy has procured a license for its Kestrel Maritime ViDAR wide area maritime detection software to support RAN UAS activities. The software is designed to be incorporated into a purpose built ViDAR payload that can be modularly applied to the existing Block D Scan Eagle currently being flown by the Navy. Continue reading