Cicer One Technologies and AVIDRONE Aerospace to Create Completely Private and Secure Drone Fleets

A new strategic partnership ends the risks around cloud-based data capture services. Cicer One Technologies Inc., a provider of data privacy solutions, and AVIDRONE Aerospace Inc. a manufacturer of commercial and industrial drones, announce their partnership.

The corporations combine AVIDRONE’s proprietary flight control and mission planning software with Cicer One’s point-to-point, globally-accessible information management system.  Together, they deliver a secure, fully private, flight control and data capture solution for drones.

“We realize that government agencies, large enterprises, and industrial users of drones need to keep their data and flight missions 100% in their control from end to end,” says Scott Gray, founder and CEO of AVIDRONE Aerospace Inc.  “By partnering with Cicer One, we are able to create a data privacy solution for UAS vehicles that no cloud-based control for drones can achieve.”

“Third-party cloud services have become the standard for internet enabled devices in the drone industry.  This exposes sensitive mission data to third parties for access and monitoring.  By partnering with AVIDRONE we can provide a seamless product solution for their customers.  Drone operators will own and control their private data, keeping sensitive information out of the hands of third-party service providers,” says Bob Embleton, CEO of Cicer One Technologies Inc.

Data privacy and control is paramount for secure drone use and applications globally. Cicer One and AVIDRONE believe that no third-party, manufacturer, or cloud based service should transact or jeopardize critical information about how corporations, government agencies and industrial users of drones manage their data collected by UAS.  Combining their technology opens up a new way to operate fleets of drones by multiple users globally, without compromising mission critical data.

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  1. I think we are reinventing the wheel. Why not write software that flies the current crop of drones without allowing them to pass data to third parties? to date we have MILLIONS of drones out there, lets utilize them instead of throwing money at developing systems that are a duplicate of the hardware already out there.

    Your data is relatively secure if you don’t sync to cloud anyway. Companies like DJI are already addressing the issue of security, and real time remote Identification of drones. The latest DJI GO-4 app has a remote identification tab to insert info regarding ownership and intention which will no doubt be readable by government and law enforcement as well as security services around no fly and restricted areas.

    With the largest installed base of Drones world wide by a factor of 10 or maybe even 100 it behooves us to hold them to their word, monitor what they say, what they inevitably do, and call them on it if they don’t measure up.

    With them spending MILLIONS on spinning up an enterprise level product base they of course will address this subject. A Matrice 210 can fly both thermal and 30X zoom cameras simultaneously,,, for far under what any other solution I have seen can match. With clients hovering $28000 worth of drone over their projects, DJI will obviously be interested in client security concerns.

    Spend some R&D on enhancing, not competing,

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