French National Gendarmerie Orders Novadem NX 70


Novadem will supply France’s National Gendarmerie with the NX70 UAS under a contract announced on 30 November. The company will deliver 19 UAS which will be used by the force for reconnaissance missions.

The NX70 is Novadem’s newest generation UAS. Weighing in at less than 1kg it is a smaller, more compact version of the NX110 already delivered to the National Gendarmerie. It carries two ultra-HD cameras with the option to add a thermal camera, and can fly up to 45 minutes and resist to winds up to 60km/h.

Pascal Zunino, director of Novadem, said: ‘We are proud to develop, for 10 years, drones with unique performances that address challenges of the most demanding missions. Very early, we chose to master our solutions, from propellers to the on-board calculator, in order to guarantee a technological independence and ensure our customers the highest quality level.’

Source: Press Release

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