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Winter-Proof Drone to Watch the Arctic

The U.S. federal research facility Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) needed something that could carry lots of equipment to measure solar irradiance, three-dimensional windspeed, and analyze air particulates. It needed an aircraft to help climate scientists understand what’s happening in an ecosystem undergoing a massive transformation. However, a manned aircraft would be too expensive (and potentially dangerous), and no existing drone fit the bill. Continue reading

Transport Canada’s Arctic Drone Project Delayed 2 years by Arms-Control Rules

Example of a SeaHunter unmanned aerial vehicle that was tested in Alma, Que., last month. The device is made by Griffon Aerospace, of Madison, Ala. (Griffon Aerospace)

Transport Canada’s plan to patrol the Arctic with a drone has been delayed by at least two years, partly because the unmanned aircraft is so large it’s considered a kind of missile and falls under complex arms-control rules. Continue reading