French Air Force Gets Fuel Cell Powered Quad


EnergyOr Technologies Inc. recently shipped the first H2QUAD 1000 to the French Air Force’s Centre d’ Expertise Aérienne Militaire (CEAM) as it enters into the second phase of the Joint Development Agreement (JDA) signed in February 2016. This JDA serves as the foundation to advance development of optimized long endurance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) powered by EnergyOr’s fuel cell system technology.

The H2QUAD 1000 acquisition, including all related support equipment, was coordinated through AEROSATSYSTEM of France.

EnergyOr’s H2QUAD 1000 is a fuel cell powered
multirotor UAV capable of carrying a 1 kg payload
for more than 2 hours, effectively 4 times longer
than any comparable platform. EnergyOr is delivering a complete turn-key solution, including Ground Control Station (GCS), EPOD fuel cell system Human Machine Interface (HMI), avionics and flight controls, integrated 4K camera payload and gimbal, HPOD portable hydrogen filling station, EDAQ data acquisition and diagnostic system, as well as onsite operator training and engineering support which includes comprehensive operating manuals and assembly instructions.

“The H2QUAD 1000 is the most advanced multirotor UAV in the world and includes support equipment such as our portable hydrogen filling station, various payload options, and an extensive training program to address all of our customer’s requirements, from A to Z,” stated EnergyOr’s CEO, Michel Bitton. “EnergyOr has now developed the capacity to manufacture and deliver highly advanced and complete fuel cell system products,” Mr. Bitton added. “This full package is also available to other qualified end users.”

Small, electrical UAVs are a rapidly growing segment of the unmanned aircraft market and are especially suited to military applications. Battery powered UAVs have very limited flight times due to the relatively low specific energy (Watt-hours/kg) of existing rechargeable battery technologies.

Source: Press Release

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