Australian UAV Mapping Consolidation


Two Perth-based specialist firms in remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) recently joined forces. C4D Intel, who also specialises in geospatial analysis, has formally announced the acquisition of Airbotix.

Tech-startup Airbotix established itself using autonomous systems for applications such as inspection and testing, geospatial survey, scientific research and situational awareness.

Through the acquisition, C4D Intel will combine its strength in asset inspection and mapping, and data analysis alongside sales and leasing of unmanned systems.

One of the more interesting projects that C4D Intel are involved with is the automated shark detection system using RPAS and computer vision. C4D Intel have just announced the successful completion of the first prototype field trial for the project, known as Sentinel VDS.

“Airbotix represents an excellent growth platform for us, providing a data capture capability that provides an absolute enhancement to our ability to provide our clients an end to end data solution,” said C4D Intel Managing Director Alistair Scott-Farris.

“The experience that Airbotix has in field operations with both their fixed wing and multi-copter UAV fleet will bring immediate accretive to C4D Intel’s client base and earnings profile.

“We are excited about the full data capture and analytics this acquisition now provides our clients and we’re completely focused on driving growth within the Australian and International Markets,” he said.

Source: Spatial Source

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