Top I Vision Gets $2.8M Contract in Africa

Top I VisionTop I Vision has been awarded a contract for supplying airborne intelligence systems to a country in Africa with a value of more than 10 million NIS ($2.8 million).The Israeli company deals in the development and production tactical observation systems onboard balloons, mini-UAS and stabilized lightweight payloads for civilian and military purposes.

The company’s observation balloons transmit high-quality, real-time imagery and can cover extensive aerial areas. The system makes it possible to track after large crowds at sport events, entertainment events, protests and more. The system can be used for various purposes, ranging from military purposes for protecting borders, intelligence support, perimeter security, VIP security and television broadcasts. In addition Top I Vision also developed an intelligence system based on mini-UAS controlled from a ground station and gathering intelligence in a designated area.

Top I Vision’s systems are presently operated in various countries around the world, including in Israel, the UK, Russia, the US, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, India, Colombia and others.

Source: Israel Defense

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