Swedish Armed Forces Issues a Request for Proposal to Replace SkyLark

The Swedish Armed Forces is planning to acquire a new mini UAV system. The intention is to complement, and thereafter replace, the SkyLark system which has been operational in the Swedish Armed Forces since 2007. The purpose is to support the Swedish Armed Forces with short-range reconnaissance information.

The FMV (Swedish Procurement Agency) issued a Request for Proposal for a new mini UAV system which contains the UAV systems, spare parts, training and documentation, as well as maintenance and support for continuous airworthiness and certification for the planned life time of the system (approx. 5 years).

The operational requirements have been revised, taken into account the “lessons learned” from operation with the SkyLark system during the past years.

The UAV system includes two different types of air vehicles (one small AV and one lager type of AV, in this document called AV-Type A and

The ambition is to buy the UAV system “off the shelf”, however there are some specific requirements for the UAV system for the Swedish armed forces due to national regulations and standards (i.e. map system, power supply and operating frequencies).

Closing date for submission is 19 December 2011.

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