Skynet Drone Delivery Mailbox


A futuristic mailbox designed in Townsville has made the semi-finals of the inaugural million-dollar Drones for Good prize, an international contest intended to steer drone development towards improving people’s lives. Royal Australian Air Force corporal Clinton Burchat’s ominously named Skynet builds on plans by Amazon and Google to deliver small packages by drone. Continue reading

Lockheed Updates Unmanned U-2 Concept

Unmanned U2

Lockheed Martin has crafted a reduced-cost plan to “optionally man” its U-2, throwing a new possibility into the mix as Congress weighs whether to shift to an all-Northrop Grumman Global Hawk unmanned aircraft fleet for high-altitude reconnaissance. With an optionally manned U-2, advocates for the so-called Dragon Lady say the venerable aircraft finally can match the endurance offered by the RQ-4B Global Hawk. Convincing lawmakers and the Pentagon likely will be an uphill battle, though. Continue reading