UAE Plans Upgrade to Construction Site UAS

The UAE’s Ministry of Labour has signed a cooperation agreement with Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) in Dubai to develop a drones project used to inspect local construction sites. Under the agreement, a specialised operational team from both sides will be established to upgrade the drone which records video footage to record violations against labourers. Continue reading

Air Traffic Control for UAS

AirwareA startup called Airware is working with NASA on a project exploring how to manage the swarms of commercial drones expected to start appearing in U.S. skies. The four-year programme will create a series of prototype air traffic management systems and could shape how widely commercial drones can be used. Airware’s main business is selling control software and hardware to drone manufacturers and operators.

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3D-Printing May Enable Troops to Make UAS on Demand

3D_2014In the future, it may be possible for military jet pilots to manufacture and deploy small 3D-printed drones to conduct surveillance or help perform search-and-rescue missions. That capability to produce unmanned aerial systems on demand could be onboard aircraft in 2040 or even earlier, BAE Systems scientists and engineers said in a series of promotional videos released this summer. Continue reading