Lockheed Updates Unmanned U-2 Concept

Unmanned U2

Lockheed Martin has crafted a reduced-cost plan to “optionally man” its U-2, throwing a new possibility into the mix as Congress weighs whether to shift to an all-Northrop Grumman Global Hawk unmanned aircraft fleet for high-altitude reconnaissance. With an optionally manned U-2, advocates for the so-called Dragon Lady say the venerable aircraft finally can match the endurance offered by the RQ-4B Global Hawk. Convincing lawmakers and the Pentagon likely will be an uphill battle, though. Continue reading

China’s Holographic Ground Control System


AVIC, China’s top aerospace manufacturer, is finding unexpected but sci-fi inspired ways to push the drone technological envelope. The Holographic Ground Control System (GCS) displays a holographic image of the drone, making it easier for the controller to intuitively understand UAV operations, by fusing together flight parameters, payload monitoring, weapons release and sensor data. The pilot is seated at the cockpit, while other personnel can observe the UAV and its environment on the hologram. Continue reading

UH-Hilo Researchers Map Lava Flow with UAS


HiLoPredicting where the June 27 lava flow in  Hawaii will go next is a fluid undertaking. In addition to the original topography of the landscape impacted by lava flows, workers with Hawaii County Civil Defense must take into account the changes made to the topography by the hardened lava left on the surface and how that will affect future flows. Continue reading

3D Measurement & Imaging Conference in December

Peter van Blyenburgh, President, Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) International, Valentijn de Leeuw, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group, and Shabtay Negry, COO, Mantis Vision will deliver keynote addresses at the upcoming SPAR Europe 3D Measurement & Imaging Conference and European LiDAR Mapping Forum, taking place 8-10 December, 2014 at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Continue reading