Measuring Landfill Methane Emissions by UAS

Environment Agency

The UK Environment Agency has just issued a report entitled ‘Measuring landfill methane emissions using unmanned aerial systems: field trial and operational guidance‘. It builds on a previous  feasibility study of methane sensing from an unmanned aerial system (UAS), which presented guidance on sensor and platform technology, together with regulatory requirements. Here the aim is to develop and validate a robust method to quantify whole site methane emissions from landfills using measurements from a UAS. Continue reading

Common UAV Software May Not (Yet) Be Reliable for Building Safety or Damage Assessment


Researchers at Texas A&M and University of Nebraska-Lincoln have found that popular software packages for creating photo mosaics of disasters from imagery taken by small unmanned aerial systems (UAS) may contain anomalies that prevent its use for reliably determining if a building is safe to enter or estimating the cost of damage. Continue reading

Event 38 UAS for El Niño Relief in Peru


Event 38, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles for business and its key Peruvian partner, UAV del Peru, a supplier of unmanned aerial systems and professional services in Peru announced that it has won a bid to supply UAS to the Government of Peru.  Under this agreement, the Peruvian government will use Event 38 UAS to assist in disaster relief from anticipated effects of the current El Niño. Continue reading