DHS Picks CryptoMove for Drone Security

CryptoMove is a new decentralized moving target defense data protection startup in Silicon Valley, launched in January 2017 after 5+ years of stealth R&D.

In a few short months after launching CryptoMove has landed a contract from the Department of Homeland Security and Customs & Border Protection to secure data on drones and end-to-end to data-centers with moving target decentralized data protection.

On July 12 CryptoMove will be presenting its technology at the largest DHS cybersecurity showcase to 1,000+ government, industry, VC, and press attendees in DC.

CryptoMove is working with DHS via the Silicon Valley Innovation Program (“SVIP”), a program dedicated to working with innovative Silicon Valley startups and making innovative technologies available to federal agencies such as DHS and Customs and Border Protection.

What problem CryptoMove is solving

Drone data protection is mission critical, as drones collect valuable information about environmental conditions. Drones are an active target of cyber-attack. Weak drone encryption is a major point of weakness — multiple examples of breaches.

Drones are an example of edge/fog computing — collecting & processing data at the edge. Part of an end-to-end architecture from drones to controllers, to connected devices in vehicles, to datacenters and the cloud. Edge computing has been discussed as a bigger trend than cloud computing.

Moving target defense is a top priority for edge/fog & IoT computing environments. Dynamically shifting data and securing it with fragmentation, mutation, and re-encryption is critical because threat detection and stationary target defense strategies don’t scale in such environments. Army has been investing in fog computing for IoT environments, and DHS has been researching moving target defense too.

CryptoMove solves distributed and decentralized storage problems in IoT and edge environments. CryptoMove’s decentralized datastore enables resilient and highly available storage on lightweight devices like Raspberry Pi’s — or drones — in an industrial edge setting.

CryptoMove background

Silicon Valley-based startup, 5+ years stealth R&D, launched January 2017.

Moving target decentralized data protection. Fundamentally new approach to data protection. Protect data with continuous and dynamic movement, mutation, fragmentation, replication, and distribution. All existing technologies leave data at rest, an easy stationary target.

Team of prior founders, distributed programming experts, programming language inventors, prior founders, PhDs, former cybercrime/data protection enforcement for major tech companies. Father-son founding team.

Backed by top firms: Tim Draper’s Draper Associates fund, Pathbreaker Capital, Red Dog Capital, Oberndorf Ventures, founders, early investors, and execs from Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, Palantir, Juniper, Cisco, Facebook, and others; $2m+ raised in oversubscribed funding after bootstrapping for 4 years

“Data is increasingly distributed & decentralized in edge, fog, and IoT infrastructure. These global transformations make data at rest an easy target for hackers. The reason we’re excited about CryptoMove is that its technology reimagines data storage and protection for this new decentralized infrastructure world.” – Tim & Billy Draper ( Draper Associates Investors)

Advised by current and former heads of security from Google, Symantec, JPMorgan, others.

“In addition to dealing with today’s challenges around edge data at rest, CryptoMove also sidesteps major long-term risks such as quantum computers that threaten to unravel existing encryption at rest. CryptoMove is among the most technically advanced startups for its stage that I’ve seen — I can’t think of another security startup where the founding CTO bootstrapped inventing a distributed programming language.” – Tom Pageler ( CRO DocuSign, CSO Neustar, Deputy CISO JPMorgan)

Solves many top priority threats, including ransomware, quantum computers,cryptographic attack, data exfiltration, database protection, cloud security, IoT and industrial IoT edge/fog security, drone security.

Source: Press Release

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