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The upcoming RPAS CivOps conference (2-4 Dec. 2014, Brussels, Belgium) should be seen in the light of following points which will have a significant influence on the world’s civil RPAS community:
a) the RPAS Communication of the European Commission DG Mobility & Transport to the European Parliament & Council in April 2014;
b) the various resulting decisions & actions (including the start-up of the JARUS Secretariat);
c) the start-up of the ICAO RPAS Panel;
d) the upcoming the Definition Phase of the European RPAS Roadmap and its implementation in the context of the EC’s RPAS Market Development Strategy;
e) the continuing development & updating of RPAS regulations by individual national authorities; and
f) the important & critical role that the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS) will play in these initiatives.

Consequently, it has been decided that the RPAS CivOps conference will:
1) put a strong focus on JARUS (;
2) explain the new structure & future functioning of JARUS;
3) describe the JARUS work programme;
4) inform on how industry (small & large) are invited to contribute.
The organization of this conference on Civil RPAS Operations is being very closely coordinated with the European Commission and it’s agencies, as well as with the JARUS Secretariat & the JARUS members.

The RPAS CivOps conference presents several important opportunities for the RPAS community:
a) The conclusion of Session 2 will be a list of action item priorities, which will be remitted to the European Commission.
NOTE: This list will be a compilation of the points raised by the national RPAS associations & working groups during the panel discussion of Session 2.
b) In the JARUS Information Forum, 2 complete sessions on JARUS will explain the “new” JARUS, its structure & planned activities, and the critical role it will be playing.
    NOTE: As in this process, the inputs from industry (large & small) are desired by the JARUS Secretariat, the intent is to inform & reach out to the RPAS community, and explain where & how they can contribute.
c) In Session 7, European & non-European RPAS manufacturers will give their views on the current RPAS industry, its maturity, the safety of their current RPAS, the technologies employed, the barriers to market entry, the current unharmonized regulatory situation (re: RPAS, pilots, operators, manufacturers, RPAS operations, pilot schools, insurance) on national, European & international levels, and explain the impact this has on their R&D activities, production & market development.
d) The various conference discussions panels will permit the audience to interact directly with the presenting authorities.
Hence, the importance of the RPAS CivOps conference.

Here are the links to 3 important documents:
– Overview of the conference programme – Click HERE
– RPAS CivOps event file – Clich HERE
– Downloadable & online registration form: Click HERE
These documents can also be found on
The detailed conference programme should be ready this coming weekend.

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