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Unmanned Aircraft Inspect Energy Pipeline Route

VirginiaThe first Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Tech test flight using a fixed-wing unmanned aircraft to inspect an energy pipeline route—with a piloted chase plane following behind to ensure safety beyond the ground observers’ sight line —was completed last week. The flight was a step toward making aerial inspections of energy pipelines safer and more economical, researchers say.

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Flying Wing from VTOL Technologies


VTOL Technologies Ltd was founded in 2002 with the goal of developing and subsequent sales and operational service provision of long-endurance, lightweight, portable, Beyond Visual Line Of Sight [BVLOS] Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems [RPAS] targeted at network-based industries, initially targeting the energy sector, providing a new, automated, much lower cost and safer aerial asset-inspection capability for electricity high-tension power-line and gas pipeline inspections. Continue reading