Additional National RPAS Associations Join UVS International

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Over the last several months a significant number of national RPAS associations have joined UVS International as partner organisations.

UVS International is proud to announce that it now federates 24 national associations in 22 countries, namely: Argentina (ARPASA), Austria (AAI), Australia (ACUO), Belgium (BeUAS), Canada (Unmanned Systems Canada), China (AUVSC), Colombia (ARTC), Finland (RPAS Finland), France (FPDC), Germany (UAV-DACH), Ireland (UAAI), Italy (ASSORPAS & FIAPR), Netherlands (DARPAS), Norway (UAS Norway), Peru (APEVANT), Romania (UVS Romania), South Africa (CUAASA), Spain (AERPAS), Switzerland (FSCD), UK (ARPAS & UAVSI).

A representative of each of these associations is a member of the non-executive committee of the UVS International Board of Directors, and also has a seat on the International RPAS Coordination Council. Click HERE.


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