Amazon 30 Minute Drone Delivery Service will be Ready when FAA Regulations Change


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stated in a congressional hearing that regulations for commercial drones will be finalized and put in place within one year. Almost immediately after, Amazon said that as soon as these regulations are implemented, they will be ready to launch their drone delivery system.

The company wants to bring packages to Prime members within 30 minutes of an order placement. Amazon already holds patents for drone delivery, including a system that will bring packages to a person’s current location as opposed to a stored shipping address.

FAA Deputy Administrator Michael Whitaker said more research is needed before the government allows their widespread use.

‘We are working diligently to develop a regulatory framework that will allow for innovation while ensuring the safety of other users of the airspace and people and property on the ground,’ Whitaker told the committee.

The rules should be finalized within a year, Whitaker said.

Misener urged Congress and the FAA to speed up the rules and to reconsider some of the restrictions for commercial drones. 

He said the technology exists to safely operate commercial drones well beyond the eyesight of the operator.

Misener said Amazon does not yet have the logistical capability to receive and process orders, and then deliver packages by drone within a half hour. 

But, he added, ‘We will have it by the time the regulations are ready.’

Source: Daily Mail

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