New Zealand Soon to Introduce UAS Legislation

BridgesMaoriWelcome_480x270New Zealand Transport Minister Simon Bridges is keen to push ahead with “light handed risk-based” rules around drones after meeting politicians, United States regulators and companies including Google.

New Zealand is close to introducing new rules for drones and their use was discussed at a closed door meeting at the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, eastern Germany.

Use of drones is surging and Airways NZ gets about 70 applications a week to fly them, with about 50 in controlled air space.

Bridges said new rules recognised that not everyone had the answers.

“Flexible, outcome-based regulation will provide the opportunity for operators to find their most efficient way to meet the minimum safety standards.”

European ministers, including those from Russia and Canada, the United States’ assistant secretary for aviation and international affairs and Google’s public policy head discussed driverless vehicles and drones.

Photo:┬áTransport Minister Simon Bridges, with a traditional Maori welcome at the International Transport Forum held in Leipzig, Germany – ITF

Source: New Zealand Herald

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