Chinese Military QuadCopters at UMEX/IDEX

F50At IDEX’s new unmanned system exhibit, UMEX, AEE Technology Co, Ltd. promoted its F100 and F50 quad-copters used by the Chinese military.  Both drones cruise at speeds of about 30 miles an hour, according to company information.

The larger F100 weighs 16 pounds, and has a 50-minute battery life and a maximum flight ceiling of 4,900 feet.  It is equipped with a “duo camera” that can toggle between 100-degree field of view and a more magnified 30-degree swatch of that imagery. It can transmit video from distances up to six miles away from the user. 

The four-pound F50 can be equipped with electro optical, low light and thermal imaging cameras and can send data from about 3.7 miles away. It can reach altitudes of 50 feet and remain in the air for 40 minutes without needing to be recharged.

China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corp. displayed information about some of its unmanned aerial systems, including an amphibious craft that can take off and land in the water. The UVS-S100 has a 40-feet wingspan as well as a propeller affixed to back of the fuselage. It can carry a 440-pound payload, fly speeds of up to 118 miles an hour and stay in the air for up to eight hours. It can be outfitted with a laser rangefinder, electro-optical camera and synthetic aperture radar.

Source: National Defense

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