Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer to Build QuadCopters


Xiaomi is the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer in the world at the moment. The company’s growth rate is kind of staggering, and they have huge plans for the future. This company is selling smartphone and tablets, but those are just a part of the big picture for Xiaomi. This China-based company has been selling all kinds of smart home gadgets, like air purifiers, smart light bulbs… even smart TVs. It seems like they’re looking to branch out even more, well, at least according to the latest info.

Yes, the latest rumours indicate that the company is investing an undisclosed amount in a new UAV team which will be called as Flymi. This is not a subsidiary of the company, but the company will receive profits for the first product that Flymi will launch in the market. However, after that it is said that Xiaomi will only get the stock in the drone company.

The very first prototype released by the new Flymi team was said to be too similar to DJI’s Phantom drone. As a result, they could not release it in the market. Now the company is said to be developing a brand new drone in the market. It is still not known when this drone will be available for sale.

Sources: Android Headlines, Gizmo China



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