DJI to Disable Phantom in No-Fly Zones

DJI - GoPro

Manufacturer DJI will disable all of its devices within a 15.5-mile radius of downtown Washington D.C., following the crash landing of one its quadcopters in the White House compound on Monday.

The company said it would release what it called a mandatory update for its drone operating system in the coming days. The update would automatically disable drone flights over Washington D.C. and fence off no-fly zones around than 10,000 airports across the country. However, owners of most DJI drones won’t be forced to download the update — those who choose not to install it would just miss out on new features down the road.

“We are pushing this out a bit earlier to lead in encouraging responsible flight,” said DJI spokesperson Michael Perry. “With the unmanned aerial systems community growing on a daily basis, we feel it is important to provide pilots additional tools to help them fly safely and responsibly.”

 Source: Time


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  1. This is a joke! What about all other nofly zones worldwide? No wonder Americans and their politicians are regarded as arrogant and selfish. Me, myself and my (white) house. How much pressure was being put on the chinese co. DJI ?

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