Swiss Federation of Civil Drones Joins UVS International

The Swiss Federation of Civil Drones (SFCD), which has 70 corporate members, has joined UVS International.

Consequently, Dominik Jenzer, the SFCD President, now has a seat on the non-executive committee of the UVS International Board of Directors, and represents the SFCD on the European & International RPAS Coordination Councils.

UVS International now federates the following 15 national associations:

– AAI, Austria

– ACUO, Australia

– AERPAS, Spain



– BeUAS, Belgium

– CUAASA, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia

– DARPAS, The Netherlands

– FPDC, France

– SFCD, Switzerland

– UAS Norway, Norway

– UAV DACH, Germany


– Unmanned Systems Canada, Canada

– UVS Romania, Romania

In total, UVS International now represents over 1700 companies & organisations.

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