Retailer Releases Safety and Instruction Video Series

DSLRPros, Inc., responding to a recent safety campaign by industry officials and the FAA to advise drone operators how to fly their unmanned aircraft safely, announces the release of “Drone Academy X”, the first professional video series on drone education and safety. Drone Academy X releases on DSLRPros’ new digital platform, offering a new digital video platform for high-quality, prescreened educational products for the drone industry.

“Drones have been extremely popular this holiday season and we want to make sure consumers have the tools and education to fly safely and responsibly,” said Don Scott, CEO of DSLRPros. “Drone Academy X is the first professional video training series that makes learning how to setup and operate a drone easy through a professional video-based instruction series.”

According to DSLRPros’ website, Drone Academy X includes over 2 hours of video-based instruction through ten chapters that consumers can digitally download. Instruction content includes how to setup drones, operate software and hardware components, along with flight safety, principles of flight, and how to practice.


“The goal of Drone Academy X is to make educational content affordable and accessible to all consumers,” said Mr. Scott. “Anyone can post a video online, but there is nobody screening the accuracy or quality of the content. Drone Academy X was developed by a team of seasoned drone and filmmaking professionals who applied best practices to create educational videos that are engaging and effective.”

Along with the release of Drone Academy X, DSLRPros launches a digital video platform. The platform enables DSLRPros to independently release and distribute educational and safety video content to drone operators around the world. To access the platform, users must have a registered DSLRPros account and must have purchased Drone Academy X –the first video series in its collection.

“Our new digital video platform makes educational content easily accessible to all consumers,” said Mr. Scott. “The goal is to create a best-in-class video library for drone learning and safety. “

Following Drone Academy X, DSLRPros will look to add other educational and safety products to its online digital catalog, featuring topics like DJI’s Inspire 1, S900, S1000 and other topics to help consumers improve skills and procedures related to operating drones.

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