Goose Attacks DJI Phantom on Golf Course

Golf-course aerial photography by QuadCopter (at least in the areas where they’re legally allowed to fly) is all the rage at the moment. These small, pilotless, radio-controlled devices can capture golf-course views you used to need a chopper to get — or couldn’t get at all.

They don’t come without risks, however. A QuadCopter  pilot was flying his DJI Phantom Vision 2 over a golf course, having some fun with his buddies. At one point in the round, however, a pair of geese notice the drone taking off from the ground. One decides to attack, flying right into it and taking it down (starting at 2:14).

Source: YouTube

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  1. Birds and animals are attracted to small drones. I have had a few close calls with eagles. Would take much for a large bird to take a small DJI Phantom down. I guess it’s best to stay away when they are nesting.

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