Don’t Fly Drones Here Interactive Map

Just got your hands on a drone and can’t wait to use it to shoot aerial photographs? First, make sure you only use it where it can legally fly. If you’re not sure where to look for this info, there’s a new website designed just for you. It’s called Don’t Fly Drones Here (DFDH), and is an interactive map that shows off limit areas of the US by shading them in with red.

Three of the current no-fly zones are: US national parks, US military bases, and a 5-mile radius around medium-to-large-sized airports.

DFDH is an effort to present no-fly zones around the country in an easily accessible format. You can find a full-sized version of the map here.

The map is a work in progress, and the project is open to feedback and new data through its Github page. Also, keep in mind that this isn’t a definitive legal map/guide, so it may be beneficial to double-check the information you receive before heading out with your drone and camera.

Source: PetaPixel


  1. Their map is good, but leaves out several special no fly zones for UAV’s in the Washington, DC area set up after 911.

  2. This map is missing at least 6 airports that are in my county, and it mislabels an area near one airport as restricted, when I know for a fact that an exemption has been issued. This map is inaccurate at best, and probably misleading.

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