JARUS External Consultation on Guidance on RPAS C2 Link RCP


The JARUS proposed Guidance on RPAS C2 Link Required Communication Performance (RCP) & the relevant comment form are now available on the JARUS website for external consultation.
The purpose of this guidance material is to explain the concept of RPAS C2 Link RCP, identify whether its requirements are applicable to the provision of C2 communications, support the use of command and control communications within a RPAS, and provide a basis for the application of C2 Link RCP in the context of operational scenarios.
The C2 Link RCP was presented at the public JARUS Workshop in May 2014.
Click HERE for a direct link to these documents.
It is the intent to modify the JARUS comment procedure in near future in order to make supplying comments easier and more efficient.
All interested parties are invited to send their comments to julia.sanchez@eurocontrol.int
The deadline for providing comments is 29 August 2014.
JARUS is soliciting feedback and comments from authorities and stakeholders in the non-military RPAS market from all countries.
JARUS is a group of experts representing the National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) from five continents and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). More information about JARUS can be found at www.jarus-rpas.org , which UVS International is proud to sponsor.

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