Social Network for the Multi-Rotor Community in Beta Test Phase

Drone UpA global social network designed and built specifically for both hobbyist and professional multi-rotor operators has been launched. is completely free and allows members to share their aerial photos and videos, create and join groups, follow others, and eventually even buy and sell equipment.

There is of course a social network ‘feed’ and another function is the ability to create Gmaps, where members can upload photos and video by tagging the location, and icons are displayed on a Google Map interface. This allows other members to mouse hover over a pin in an area of interest, say the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and view member’s aerial photos taken of that location. Gmaps can also be created by companies, pilots, or anybody else to highlight their business location on the map.

In addition to this, ‘Pages’ can also be created similar to that on Facebook, so companies including professional UAV pilots can promote their businesses.  These act as mini-websites within the network and give additional exposure as well as a place to add photos and videos of products or services.

Upon sign-up you will give some basic information including whether you’re a hobbyist, professional/certified drone pilot or retailer among others. For the professional drone pilots you can give information about your certifications and various other details. What’s more, companies wishing to hire individuals or companies for aerial photos or videos can do searches based on location, qualifications and various other attributes. So it could be a good way for certified people to get recognised within their area, and be put on the map … literally! Pilots can also be rated and reviewed too, allowing pilots to build up a portfolio of testimonials and reputation within the community. isn’t officially launched yet. However, they are looking for early adopters around the world to test the site and provide content to it, as well as provide general feedback for future improvements. No number has been given as to how many initial sign-ups are wanted but anybody can go and join up. A selected number of the first members who provide quality content and help to positively build the community will be awarded ‘Beta Tester’ badges which will display on their profile.

Source: Press Release

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