Marques Aviation Announces Ma Thor Twin Tail Boom UAS

Ma Thor

Marques Aviation in the UK has launched the MA THOR Twin, a versatile aircraft to be used in commercial and military missions as diverse as remote sensing and mapping, land and maritime border patrol, sea and land search and rescue, long endurance persistent surveillance, monitoring of oil and gas installations and pipelines, inspection of natural disasters, ecological work, firefighting, and many others.

The capabilities of the aircraft include long-endurance over-the-horizon persistent surveillance, flight altitude of 6000 m, large payload capacity (100 kg), a unique 5-metre long internal payload bay that allows quick modular payload installation, additional payload installation mounted at two hard points under the wings, innovative avionics and electronic systems, low noise engine, and sense and avoid capabilities for safe integration into the relevant air space. In addition, the system allows controlling two concurrent missions from the same Ground Control Station (GCS).

The MA THOR Twin is a high-wing twin-tail-boom aircraft with a fuselage shaped for low radar detection. The airframe is reinforced graphite, Kevlar and epoxy resin and it is sealed for long life in hot and humid environments. The airframe can be fitted with a rail or pod under each wing for carriage of external stores, such as additional fuel tanks. The aircraft is powered by two 4-stroke twin-opposed cylinder engines mounted above the wings that drive three-blade propellers and provide high vehicle endurance.

Enhanced aerodynamics and flight stability principles permit the MA THOR Twin UAS to complete missions in the most demanding flight environments.The wings use a high-lift stall-resistant airfoil, have an aspect ratio of 10 and are fitted with flow control devices. The wings feature dihedral, geometric washout, taper, and sweepback. Wingtip devices reduce induced drag.

Source: Press Release

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