Italians Train on Predator/Reaper at Holloman Air Force Base

Holloman Air Force Base is now an international training centre.  After visits from the German Air Force, the Italian Air Force is an integral part of Holloman AFB’s RPA training mission and there is a strong collaboration between the forces.

“I was sent here to the United States in 2003 for training when Italy decided to buy the programme, but didn’t come to Holloman till January 2010” said Lieutenant Colonel Filippo Grosoli , Senior Nation Representative, Italian Air Force.

Grosoli is assigned to the 29th Attack Squadron and is the commander of the Italian Air Force’s training on the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper here.

“All the training we do here on Holloman AFB is directly on theMQ-1 and MQ-9s,” said Grosoli. The Italian Air Force has 10 exchange members currently conducting training here.

The Italians have one sensor operator and one pilot who are qualified to train American, German and British aircrews.

The Italian Air Force follows the same model as the U.S. Air Force, with officers trained to be pilots and enlisted members trained to be sensor operators.

“Our enlisted members are mostly Italian intelligence personnel sent from different communities in Italy” said Grosoli.

Currently, Holloman AFB is the only base the Italians use for RPA training worldwide. “Training for students is about 3 to 4 months. I’ve been here since January 2010, and it’s been a great experience,” said Grosoli. “Any exchange is a good experience, and it helps all of us learn from one another.”

“The nice part of the exchange programme is that everyone can have the same mentality, so if we’re in a deployed location the different forces can collaborate together” said Grosoli.

Source: KRWG TV/FM

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