UFO Spotted on Flatbed Truck in Washington

A saucer-shaped aircraft on a wide flatbed truck driving around the Capitol Beltway had some people wondering if the government was moving an alien UFO in or near Washington, D.C., last Wednesday night.

Motorists snapped photos of the strange object and posted them on Twitter, some people became concerned enough to call local police. The mysterious object on the truck cruising around the Beltway is capable of flight. It’s an experimental, unmanned aircraft called an X-47B, according to Northrop Grumman spokesman Brooks McKinney.

The spacy-looking aircraft was being delivered to Patuxent Naval Air Station for testing. The manufacturer hopes that someday the government will purchase many of the aircraft so they can be stationed aboard aircraft carriers.

Two of the experimental aircraft are now in Maryland. Why not fly them from their previous base in California? McKinney said that the FAA is not currently keen on unmanned transcontinental flights – and it turns out that transport by road is also cheaper.

[A similar incident occurred in Kansas last December -Ed]

Photo Credit: US Navy by Steven Kays

Source: Q13 Fox

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