Seattle Police Draganflyer Presentation

Seattle police have a new tool in the fight on crime—a small, remote controlled Draganflyer helicopter that gives them a unique viewpoint.
The three pound aircraft can carry an array of cameras and send still shots, video and even thermal images to officers on the ground in real-time.

“This is a great camera platform,” Lt Greg Sackman said. “You can put it up a couple of hundred feet and look at the entire scene and they can use that for their investigation.”
The helicopter is a new and unique crime fighting tool. The Seattle Police Department is one of only five agencies in the country that have permission to use it.

Even though the helicopter can’t fly above 400 feet or in bad weather, officers consider is an extremely valuble tool. “Putting a camera in the air, it allows us more situational awareness,” Officer Jim Britt said. “We can look ahead of where we`re going. We can pick up threats ahead of time before we round a corner”

Source: YouTube

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