Adept Showcases Maveric UAS from Prioria

Adept Technology announced that it will add an aerial robot to its range of land-based wheeled mobile platforms. The products from Adept MobileRobots group were showcased at the IEEE ICRA 2011 Conference, which was held at the Shanghai International Convention Centre in Shanghai, China from May 9-13, 2011.

The company offers the AQUA2, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and the Maveric Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System for its research clients. The Maveric aerial robot is manufactured and delivered by Prioria.

The Maveric aerial robot is an unmanned aircraft system that is capable of delivering high-performance. It acts as an advanced platform to perform several micro-UAS and small-UAS processes. This UAS is designed to be a single-man portable and operable and features immediate launch capabilities. The superior complex materials and patented technology permit the bendable-wings of the Maveric with a matchless capability to store a completely assembled airframe in a six inch tube

Source: Press Release

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