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F 35 In Action – Live Firing and VTOL

The F-35 Lightning II is a 5th Generation fighter, combining advanced stealth with fighter speed and agility, fully fused sensor information, network-enabled operations and advanced sustainment. Three variants of the F-35 will replace the A-10 and F-16 for the U.S. Air Force, the F/A-18 for the U.S. Navy, the F/A-18 and AV-8B Harrier for the U.S. Marine Corps, and a variety of fighters for at least ten other countries. Continue reading

Airbus & DCNS Team on Rotary UAV for French Navy

Airbus Helicopters and maritime systems specialist DCNS have joined forces to offer the former’s VSR700 unmanned rotorcraft – derived from theHélicoptères Guimbal Cabri G2 – for a French navy tactical requirement.The teaming agreement was signed in mid-October, and the two companies will now offer the VSR700 for the navy’s Système de Drones Aériens de la Marine (SDAM) programme. Continue reading