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Syracuse University Gets $230,000 for UAS Research


Six collaborative research groups from the University’s various schools and colleges have been awarded more than $230,000 in state revitalization funding for their projects in unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Projects include energy mapping of buildings, autonomous navigation and the development of regulations and policies to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles into communities. An additional $100,000 was also made available to support these projects via shared facilities and capabilities. Continue reading


Exploring the Changing Earth, in Real Time

real-time-earth_tech-rte-Across the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory campus, scientists are exploring undersea volcanoes, monitoring coastal erosion along hard-to-reach shorelines, and studying the movement of sea ice – all in real time. By loading drones with high-tech instruments and using satellites and undersea cables that are interacting with sensors in some of the most remote locations on Earth, they are uncovering the secrets of our planet. Continue reading