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UAV Collision Avoidance Math

The real success for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV) will be when they can autonomously operate to complete their appointed task. Autonomous operation means both operating beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and the ability to operate independent of a pilot. Before this can happen, UAVs need to be much smarter about their surroundings. A key to smarter UAVs is on-board collision avoidance sensing, such as radar. An understanding of the math behind collision avoidance helps dictate what technologies provide the best option for collision avoidance.

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University of North Dakota UAS Counter-Measures Research

University of North Dakota Electrical Engineering faculty member Naima Kaabouch focuses a lot of her time these days on devising ways to improve the safety and security of aircraft . Her work covers jamming, spoofing, and many other attacks that target UAS collision avoidance technologies: the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) device, which broadcasts information about the aircraft carrying this device. Continue reading

DARPA Hackfest to Explore Cyber-Physical Intersection of SDR and Drone Technology

The increased use of wireless and internet-enabled devices – from computers to home appliances – and the data they generate are creating opportunities and challenges for the defense and commercial sectors. To help explore and better understand the complex relationship created by the intersection of physical and cyber technology within the ever more congested electromagnetic spectrum, DARPA program manager Tom Rondeau embarked on a year-long effort to build an engaged community of engineers and scientists operating within relevant technical areas. Continue reading