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ESA’s Unmanned Parcel Delivery Project


The RPAS UPD project aims to utilise RPAS technology to provide a high-performing unmanned delivery solution for customers in remote locations. On track for completion within 36 months, the project incorporates a technical and commercial feasibility study into the use of remotely piloted systems in parcel delivery, culminating in the eventual demonstration and operation of a live UPD service to customers in hard-to-reach locations. Continue reading


Washington State Creates Drone Buffer Zone for Orcas

orcasSergeant Russ Mullins knows it’s only a matter of time before people start unpacking the drones they received for Christmas and start launching them over the water. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife agent just wants to keep the remote-controlled aircraft away from Washington’s endangered population of orcas, also known as Southern resident killer whales.

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Drone Safety in Bangladesh

Use of drones for different purposes have been gaining popularity in Bangladesh and news reports covered stories on seizure of drone components from Islamic militants, use of drone by the South African Cricket team during their practice session, inspection of Padma Bridge and seizure of drones, with or without owners, in different occasions even though the present Import Policy does not contain specific provisions on drone import in the country. Continue reading