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DJI Security Seriously Discredited

Two documents which have come to light recently throw severe doubts on both DJI’s ability and willingness to install security measures in its products. In the first, Kevin Finisterre, a researcher, found that DJI left the private key for its dot-com’s HTTPS certificate exposed on GitHub for up to four years. In the second, a White Paper by Department 13 entitled ‘Anatomy of DJI Drone Identification Implementation’, it emerges that some of DJI’s approaches have clear security issues with no apparent remediation. Continue reading

NASA Hosts Industry Day for Unmanned Aircraft in National Airspace Collaboration


NASA Aeronautics is heavily involved in developing solutions for safe integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the national airspace. NASA has two UAS projects that work in lock-step with the Federal Aviation Administration to address the challenges facing UAS integration across the full spectrum of aircraft type and sizes, and the environments in which they fly. Continue reading