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WiBotic Gets $2.5 M New Funding for Wireless Power Solutions

WiBotic, a supplier of wireless power and battery intelligence solutions for the robotics industry, announced it has raised $2.5 million in a seed round. The new investment round is led by Tsing Capital, and includes investments from Comet Labs and Digi Labs as well as follow-on investments from W Fund, WRF Capital and Wisemont Capital. Continue reading

3W-International Presents New Hybrid Wankel Engine

The world first will be presented for the first time to the specialist audience at the XPONENTIAL Trade Fair taking place in Dallas (USA) in May. Thus, the German engine manufacturer 3W-International  is expanding its range of drive products for UAVs by a further engine sector. Just as the two-stroke engines already in use in the marketplace, the new 3W-180 SRE Hybrid Wankel engine can be fuelled by petrol or kerosene, too. Continue reading

Neva Aerospace Launches VTOL-Optimised Turbines for Heavy-Duty Aerial Robots

VlinderHeavy duty aerial robots have made a major leap from wish-tech to becoming next generation real-tech innovation after the success of early aeronautical engineering development work by Neva Aerospace. Having secured essential international patent protection of its concepts, the company is now sharing its ideas for aerial robotic platforms (ARPs) with the public announcement of its Vlinder concept. Continue reading