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10 Benefits of Drone-Based Asset Inspections

This new paradigm of Drone-based inspections is helping industries improve efficiency and quality of data acquisition while increasing safety and speed of delivery. Although a new and emerging technology, (which is still evolving), in early 2018, most companies are not aware of the possible benefits they can achieve using small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAVs) to inspect their assets. Continue reading

Gas Pipeline Flight in Mexico Monitored in Canada

SkyX Systems Corporation, a Canadian data acquisition company, has just achieved a disruptive accomplishment in Mexico: It successfully flew its SkyOne Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) on an autonomous data mission over more than 100 kilometres of gas pipeline in Mexico. The robotic flight was programmed and monitored remotely from the company’s Greater Toronto Area SkyCenter mission control, with a support crew of engineers on the ground in Mexico. Continue reading

In-Flight Rechargeable Drones for Pipeline Inspection

Sky X SkyX is an Ontario, Canada-based company that is looking to improve the way those in the oil and gas sector use vehicles to detect any damage or threat to their operations. Currently, most companies use manned aircraft such as helicopters or ground vehicles to do the job. SkyX is looking to lower the cost of these operations and make them more efficient by using drones. Continue reading

Big Potential for Drones in the Arctic

Artic UAV TeamKirt Ejesiak wasn’t very impressed with his first drone, purchased to take aerial photos of houses listed with his Property Guys real estate franchise in Iqaluit, Nunavut. But when a friend asked him to fly the drone over his roof to look for a leak, Mr. Ejesiak started thinking about other uses for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

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BVLOS UAS Energy Industry Flight Tests in Virginia

IMGS9731-1 (1)American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI) announced that it has successfully completed flight tests for the energy industry utilizing Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) from the Farmville Regional Airport in Farmville, VA. The campaign just completed was the first in Virginia where flights originated at an operating airport, and the first with an end-to-end system that delivered critical data to end users in near real-time. Flights with AATI’s RS-20 UAS were conducted May 10-13.

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Monitoring the Oil Patch by UAS

Oil Patch 2 At a South Texas ranch, a drone mounted with cameras flew above and around a flare stack that burned natural gas. Live, high-definition images were transmitted back to the ground, where company officials watched video of the flare stack as it was operating, asking that the drone move this way or that to get a better image or different angle.

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