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Silent Falcon Solar UAS Qualified Compliant in Canada

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies solar electric, fixed wing, long endurance, long range Unmanned Aircraft System has been added to Transport Canada’s list of “Compliant Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)”, a distinction allowing Silent Falcon to issue to its Canadian customers  seeking to become Compliant UAV Operators in Canada,  Statements of Conformity. Continue reading

ScanEagle with Geographic Information Systems for Fighting Wildfires

ScanEagle poised for launch at Eagle Creek, Oregon fire.

Insitu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, together with Esri, the world leader in spatial analytics, successfully completed test flights on a revolutionary new way to support firefighting efforts using state-of-the-art software for firefighters and first responders. Continue reading

Oregon University Researchers UAS Protect Vineyards

Michael Wing, director of Aerial Information Systems Laboratory at OSU , left, and doctorate student Cory Garms – Andy Cripe – Gazette-Times

Since he began using unmanned aircraft in his research in 2012, Oregon State University forestry professor Michael Wing has seen many ways a flight can go wrong. Once, in August, he even had a turkey vulture threaten to attack a quadcopter he was using; the bird came within about 15 feet of the vehicle, he said. Continue reading

$120,000 Fuel Cell Tilt-Rotor UAV for Smart Cities

Urban aerial surveillance capabilities are already seen as a crucial element in the information mosaic required for any smart city of the future, and last week’s TM Forum Smart City In Focus Conference in Yinchuan (China) saw the first showing of an Unmanned Aerial System that has been purpose-built for the task based around quite groundbreaking capabilities. Continue reading

Delair’s New Large-Area Mapping Drone

DELAIR introduced its next-generation professional unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for survey-grade photogrammetric mapping, the UX11, at INTERGEO 2017 on September 26th in Berlin, Germany. This small fixed-wing UAV combines a powerful integrated onboard system, industry-grade sensors, limitless communication range and PPK centimeter-level positioning. Continue reading