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UK Small RPAS Mid-Air Collision Study Published

Airliner cockpit for impact testing (left) and computer reference model

The Department for Transport, the Military Aviation Authority and British Airline Pilots’ Association commissioned a study into the effects of a mid-air collision between small remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS, commonly known as a drones) and manned aircraft. Continue reading

Drones and AI Beat Humans at Fake Duck Test

Jarrod Hodgson/Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility University of Adelaide

An experiment using fake ducks to stand in for the real thing has found that when it comes to counting birds, drones beat humans. Jarrod Hodgson and his colleagues at the University of Adelaide in Australia had previously used aerial images from drones to count seabirds and found that the drones had a more comprehensive view of the colonies than the people trying to count them on the ground. Continue reading