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Unmanned K-MAX Helicopter Conducts First Collaborative Casualty Evacuation


Dangerous frontline operations call for a safe and efficient method to locate and evacuate wounded personnel. To address this critical need and help save lives, Lockheed Martin,  Kaman Aerospace, and Neya Systems demonstrated the first ever collaborative unmanned air and ground casualty evacuation using the unmanned aerial system (UAS) Control Segment (UCS) Architecture and K-MAX® cargo helicopter on March 26. Continue reading

Indago Quadcopter Helps Project Lifesaver International

IndagoTo augment humanitarian search and rescue efforts, Lockheed Martin  has announced it is teaming with Project Lifesaver International and Loen Engineering Inc., bringing advanced technology to first response agencies. The Indago small unmanned aerial system (UAS) will be integrated with an innovative lightweight antenna and receiver developed by Loen Engineering. The system allows Project Lifesaver agencies and first responders to rapidly locate special needs individuals who have wandered from their homes.

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UPS Studies Drone Use in Humanitarian Response

UPSUPS has announced its participation in a multi-state study on the use of drones for humanitarian disaster relief operations. The study was coordinated by Measure, a 32 Advisors Company specializing in drone applications, on behalf of the American Red Cross and participating companies, including UPS. The study was initiated to help inform decision-making on key issues related to drone use and policy.

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Drones Hold Great Promise For Medical Applications

MayoIn some remote parts of the world, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are already being field-tested for medical uses. Drones successfully delivered small aid packages after the Haitian earthquake in 2012, and in Papua New Guinea, Doctors Without Borders used them to transport dummy TB test samples from a remote village to the large coastal city of Kerema.

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