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Federal Agencies Working Together to Combat Unauthorized Drone Use during Wildfire Operations

adler_fire_yellowstone_nps560x337As the 2016 wildfire season begins, federal agencies are again alerting industry and the public that the use of private drones (Unmanned Aircraft Systems or UAS) over or near active wildfire operations puts firefighters at risk and hampers their ability to protect lives, property and natural resources. Continue reading

INAER Spain to use UAVs for Fire Spotting


During a presentation at the UNVEX16 event at Madrid–Cuatro Vientos Airport, Spain, José Luis Saiz, INAER Spain’s director of research and development, explained that the extensive experience of INAER Spain using EO / IR, SAR and LIDAR sensors for surveillance services, grounding that will allow them to become the first European operator to perform surveillance and observation activities in firefighting missions, not only daytime but also at night. Continue reading

Bringing Aerial Technology to Emergency Providers

European Emergency Number Association (EENA) has announced that it is working with DJI to look for ways to integrate the use of drones into first-response missions. Based in Belgium, EENA is a non-governmental organisation that serves as a discussion platform for emergency services, public authorities and researchers to transfer knowledge and best practice to better serve the needs of the public. Continue reading