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Oregon University Researchers UAS Protect Vineyards

Michael Wing, director of Aerial Information Systems Laboratory at OSU , left, and doctorate student Cory Garms – Andy Cripe – Gazette-Times

Since he began using unmanned aircraft in his research in 2012, Oregon State University forestry professor Michael Wing has seen many ways a flight can go wrong. Once, in August, he even had a turkey vulture threaten to attack a quadcopter he was using; the bird came within about 15 feet of the vehicle, he said. Continue reading

Drones Plant Mangrove Trees – Help Restore Ecosystem

For the past five years, a group of villagers in the delta of the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar has painstakingly planted 2.7 million mangrove trees in an attempt to begin to restore an ecosystem that has been disappearing for decades. But the work is laborious, and the local nonprofit guiding the work wants to cover a much larger area–so they’re now turning to tree-planting drones.

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