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PLIMP – a Plummet-Proof Plane-Blimp Hybrid UAS that Flies and Hovers

Egan Airships today presents PLIMP, a plummet-proof, plane-blimp hybrid UAS that can fly and hover while bringing advances in safety, visibility and mobility. PLIMP aircraft represent a brand new type of UAS that can manoeuvre and move quickly like fixed-wing aircraft, hover and vertically take off and land (VTOL) like a helicopter, and operate efficiently and safely like a blimp—all on a single platform. Continue reading

Scaled Composites Completes First Flight of New Experimental Aircraft, Model 401

Scaled Composites has announced the rollout and first flight of its most recent project, experimental aircraft Model 401. Scaled worked with a proprietary customer to build two vehicles to demonstrate advanced, low-cost manufacturing techniques and to provide aircraft for research flight services to industry partners and the United States government. Continue reading

Swedish Drone Ban Lifted

In the autumn of 2016, the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court ruled that a camera mounted on a drone is considered a CCTV camera for purposes of the Swedish Camera Surveillance Act (2013:460). The judgment meant that using a drone equipped with a camera, where the camera will be directed at a place to which the public has access, requires a license from the County Administrative Board. Continue reading

Rajant Mesh Drones Reduce Response Time for Triggered Home Alarm System

Rajant, a provider of private wireless networks, successfully conducted tests that show the national average time for authorities to respond to a verified home alarm – seven minutes – can be drastically lowered if alarm companies use unmanned aerial systems (UAS, or drones), to supplement their current infrastructure. Continue reading