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New Chinese Fixed-Wing UAVs on Display

Twin-Tailed Scorpion

Chinese research and production company Tengoen Technology showed a new family of unmanned aerial vehicles at the recent 14th China-ASEAN Expo held in Nanning, China. Tengoen unveiled two fixed-wing UAVs—the TA001 “Striking Hawk” and the TB001 “Twin Tailed Scorpion”—and two rotary wing (VTOLUAVs called the HA001 “Featherless Arrow” and the HB002 “ Xiao Li Guang.” Continue reading

12 Views of Drone World Expo 2017

Commercial drones are lining up on the runway with high hopes for air traffic control systems tailored for unmanned vehicles. But a lack of appropriate regulations may keep them from getting off the ground for a while. That was the view from the Drone World Expo here. The event gathered proponents that ranged from Airbus, GE and Lockheed Martin to Facebook, Google and a White House science and technology advisor. Continue reading

Drone World Expo Day 2 Keynote Panel

The keynote panel on Wednesday opened with Gretchen West, Senior Advisor Hogan Lovells, Co-Executive Director, Commercial Drone Alliance and MC of the show, presenting the Woman Innovator of the Year Award to Dyan Gibbens, CEO & Founder, Trumbull Unmanned and the ‘Drones for Good Award’ to Justin Adams, Director of Business Development, Kovar & Associates, LLC. Continue reading