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Stinger Missiles with Proximity Fuzes Destroy UAVs

During a recent US Army test, a pair of Raytheon Company Stinger anti-air missiles equipped with new proximity fuzes intercepted two small unmanned airborne systems—an MQM-170C Outlaw and an unidentified smaller system—for the first time. Proximity fuzes allow missiles to destroy targets by making contact or by detonating in close range. Continue reading

Sierra Nevada’s Counter UAS Technology Showcased

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) successfully showcased its SkyCAP counter Unmanned Aerial System (CUAS) capability recently at tactical demonstrations for the United States Government (USG). The exercises, which took place in April and May, validated SkyCAP as a viable and effective system solution for lightweight dismounted, on-the-move tactical vehicle platforms, and fixed-site infrastructure protection. Continue reading

Grand Sky to Host Counter-UAS Industry-Led Task Force

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum has announced the formation of a UAS industry-led task force focused on supporting the development and advancement of technologies to protect and defend against threats posed by rogue UAS activities. The UAS Detection and Counter-UAS Task Force will be tasked with coordinating amenities needed for UAS operators to test countermeasures in North Dakota and aiding in identifying opportunities for technology development. Continue reading