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Drone Operations – Find Out Where the Market is Going

The Survey on Drone Operations, conducted on behalf of UVS International, gives a unique view of the drone industry as it is today and as it is anticipated to be the near term (1-2 years). It refines the high-level forecasts and analyses of the UAS sector that have been produced up to now, making it easier to understand the key commercial drivers and where regulators will need to prioritize their efforts to ensure the industry evolves in a safe and commercially viable direction. Continue reading

Drone Operations (Current & Short Term) Survey Results Are Now Available

This worldwide survey on drone operations was kicked off in 8 languages in July 2017. The objective was to propose a segmentation of the non-military drone application sectors (commercial & non-commercial), as well as a categorization of drone flight mission purposes taking place in these sectors. Continue reading

Airports Council International Europe Publishes Drone Position Paper

The European Union’s Aviation Strategy has been a major driver of the development of new regulation on the use of drones, since its announcement in December 2015. With the political agreement on the new EASA Regulation, and the endorsement of the Helsinki Declaration by the aviation community late last year, the prospects for the EU’s rulebook on the use of drones have gathered further momentum. Continue reading

New Foundations for Use of RPAS for Civil Applications

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), also called drones, can offer many new services and applications. These go beyond traditional aviation and include the promise to perform existing services in a more affordable and environmentally friendly way. The European aviation community is currently exchanging views on how, and under which conditions, RPAS can be allowed to fly. Continue reading

非军事用途无人驾驶航空器系统运营调查 Survey on Drone Operations – Now Also Available in Chinese

This survey, which is aimed at the worldwide UAS/RPAS/Drone operator community is already available in English, French, German, Italian & Spanish and now, also in Chinese. This survey is an opportunity to make it possible for all drone operators to assure that their specific applications are taken into account. Continue reading