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Remote Identification – The Next Big Hurdle for Drone Regulations

“Who is that, and are they allowed to be here?”

“Who is that, and are they allowed to be here?”

We’ve hit a snag in the progression of new drone regulations, and it’s not related to the current political environment regarding curbing new regulations.  There is a big technical hurdle to overcome before the industry can move on – and there is a legislative deadline of July 2017 to solve it. Continue reading

Performance Based Navigation for Drones

When I worked directly with the FAA as a customer, one thing I learned the hard way is that seemingly common sounding words or phrases have very specific (and sometimes loaded) meaning when spoken within the context of the FAA or aviation.  I have a feeling that Performance Based Navigation (PBN) is probably one of those loaded terms – so at my own peril I will venture forward to describe in my own layman thinking what I mean when I say there is something to learn here that we can bring into the unmanned aviation world. Continue reading